I am a scientist/bioengineer in training, working at the intersection of immunology and genome engineering.

My vision is to apply the principles of synthetic biology to design the next generation of immunological systems and rapid diagnostic tools. I am in my 2nd year at the University of Toronto, affiliated with the Departments of Cells and System's Biology, Molecular Genetics, and Immunology.

You can follow my quarterly updates on what I'm building here. You can also contact me at michaeltrinh19@gmail.com

Ongoing projects

What's on my desk?



BioDojo is a community and training ground for the next generation of innovators in biology. We onboard a small cohort of undergraduate researchers or founders from different fields (Ex. Computational Chemistry, Immunology, Genome engineering), exposing them to adjacent research disciplines and to entreprenurship in the life sciences.

Our mission is to create an alumni network of cross-disciplinary "polymaths" who can empower academia or biotech through cross-disciplinary research approaches.


BioDojo Admin Team Co-Founder, Commuity Lead

Synthetic Immunology Frameworks

What lies for cell immunotherapy beyond CAR-T? Understanding the fundamental circuitry underlying the functions of human adaptive and innate immune cells will give us new directions to anseer this burning question.

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Independent Team Build Researcher and Design lead

Selected works

VIDEO: The birth of an anti-aging industry
BLOG: The Builder Era of Biology
BLOG: How Convolutional Neural Networks are changing TB testing
KEYNOTE: The Ctrl+F of Cancer Diagnosis @PWC
BLOG: An introduction to CAR-T Cell Therapy
BLOG: How do we get CAR-T compatible in solid tumors?
BLOG: The CTRL+F of cancer diagnosis
BLOG: Advice for 1st-year Undergraduates
Culture fit

My core values


I believe that I should constantly strive to learn and expand my expertise by building, getting feedback, and iterating.


I'm grateful for feedback, rejection, and challenge. I love opportunities to learn and become a better version of myself.


My love for biology sparks new ideas to solve biological problems and to seek understanding of the biological fundamentals before jumping in.


When working on problems or dealing with other people, I want to understand context and distance my biases before making conclusions.


I embrace the artistic, creative parts of my personality and enjoy celebrating these aspects of the people around me!

Figure it out

I think that the best way to create anything is to take initative and figure stuff out. This is also how I learn best: by doing.